Burnt Out Kindred Spirits - Anne Stomar
Burnt Out Kindred Spirits
By: Anne Stomar

Author Anne Stomar shares a poignant true story of Burnt Out Kindred Spirits in this compelling book. Feel the deep emotions embedded within these pages.

Follow the story of two women with parallel lives, “kindred spirits”. Two women, who believed in the same values, experienced the same disillusionments and had the same hopes and dreams of creating a better world. One woman dies striving for that dream, the other woman lives to tell her friend’s story so readers can decide between burnout and balance. This book is compiled from the letters of a friend, with the author’s life commentary intertwined. They were both teachers at a small girl’s prep school.

A story filled with real and honest emotions, Burnt Out Kindred Spirits takes you on a stirring journey that shows you what dreams, change, burnout, balance, and hopes truly mean.